Library Millage: Truth be told 2015.07.29

If truth be told, I probably would not need the services of our local Stair library. I don’t read books or magazines and I rarely watch movies, so checking out any of these items would be a rarity. Since I have a computer and copier at home, I wouldn’t have to go to the library to avail myself of either of these.

So why am I such an avid proponent of this wonderful jewel of a facility? In order for anyone to see and experience the importance of our library, it would be necessary to go in and just sit awhile. Watch especially the bright and eager faces of the young readers as they enter and are greeted on a first name basis by a friendly employee seated behind the desk. Listen to the quiet conversations of teens as they work together on school projects. Watch the VolunTeens work their magic while mentoring those children who sign up for the exciting programs that library director Colleen Leddy dreams up. Count the number of individuals who enter with the sole purpose of just sitting amidst the welcoming surroundings. 

Oh, I do try to take advantage of the special events that are offered to the public—exciting book discussions, conversations with authors (whether by teleconference or in person), jazz performances, art displays, and important general information presentations to name only a few. And I have to admit that an ongoing jigsaw puzzle will lure me to that table every time I enter the place.

But the overriding factor for my support of Stair District Library is the absolute determination of Stair’s workforce to offer us a world apart from our everyday existence. It is truly a refuge and one I consider worthy of support. There is nothing else like it in our area.

Of course I will be voting in favor of the millage proposal on August 4th. It is my fervent hope that you will also.

– Sybil Diccion

Main Street, Morenci