Fayette Chamber: Traffic Plan 2015.07.17

In October 2014, Mayor Marlatt requested that the Fayette Community Development Corp. (CDC or Chamber) become involved in addressing road and street conditions on and around our industrial park. Her specific request was to use the CDC to engage our local industrial sector in the development of a sustainable and cost effective traffic plan that would address current and potential issues.

The mayor’s concern was that the community would take proper steps to take advantage of state incentive programs that linked job creation with financial support for local infrastructure upgrades. Her early recognition of the positive impact that these potential new jobs at Fayette Business Park might have on the community laid the groundwork for what has followed.

As a result of her initiative, the CDC conducted a series of six meetings with local industry leaders and key state and county personnel to develop a plan.

From the outset, the CDC recognized that in order to secure support, it was critical that we build on and strengthen our ties with our Gorham Township Trustees. Throughout the process, our private sector community has reached out to elected township and village officials to keep lines of communication open.

We are fully aware that the Village has access to revenue streams that are not available to the Township and we have been working with potential funding sources to minimize the impact to Township coffers.

We applaud the mayor for her early response to Fayette Business Park’s request to consider upgrades to Nyce Drive and Industrial Parkway in order to promote increased industrial activity. We stand with her as she addresses issues that impact the financial condition of the area as well as safety concerns impacting the health and well being of the Village.  

As noted on several occasions, our industrial and agricultural sectors have performed magnificently during the “Great Recession.” Therefore, in this era of new jobs, new construction and new revenue streams, the time is right for reinvesting in the businesses and industries that provide the lion’s share of the revenue that keeps this community afloat.

Fulton County Economic Director Matt Gilroy was helpful in facilitating meetings and leading conversations.

Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not mention the industrial sector for becoming a part of this very important conversation and process. We appreciate the factual traffic data that they furnished and their willingness to work with us to benefit their customers and our community.

– Tom Spiess

County Road S, Fayette