Read A Book: Read with your children 2015.06.24

Several parents in the Morenci school district recently received letters from the administration urging them to spend some time with their children this summer—and to spend that time with books.

The parents who received those letters have a child in need of better reading skills. Taking time to read to children and also allowing them to read can make a big difference in language skills. Children hear the words read, become familiar with how they’re used, learn to follow a story and comprehend the action. It seems simple, but it can become an important part of language arts—both reading and writing.

In some homes, bedtime stories are a nightly habit. In other homes, books seldom come out, and in others, there are no books for children to read and be read to. That’s where the library can be of assistance.

In recent decades, television often got in the way of sharing a book. Now it’s myriad other electronic devices that prevent a parent and child from spending time together with a good story.

It’s easy for books to lose out to video games, movies, favorite TV shows and busy schedules, but make the effort to take a few minutes to read with your children. Studies have shown that just 20 minutes a day will boost a child’s language skills. Give your child a double gift—an academic push along with a few special minutes with a parent.