Community rake: Giving back 2015.05.28

On Saturday, May 23, I had the opportunity to volunteer out at the cemetery with 11 volunteers for a “community rake.” While volunteering, I was reminded of why I have devoted my life to public service–to give back to the community, which in turn betters all. 

The revenue struggles of the General Fund for the City of Morenci have been well documented in the past few years by the State Line Observer, and through that documentation it has been noted that the City has had to become creative in order to provide sufficient maintenance at our cemetery. Often times we have done well doing this, and at other times we have failed. We recognize that.

However, what is positive is the interest from the constituents that we serve regarding our cemetery. Interest that has resulted in countless hours of volunteerism doing maintenance-like items such as raking leaves, weed whacking, and litter pickup. This interest can be summed up in the following words: passion and pride.  

It has always been my belief when you mix those two words together you can get tremendous results. Results that do not necessarily need to be facilitated by local government. Results that instead can be facilitated by the parties who exhibit both passion and pride for what they are doing. 

So what am I trying to get at? What I’m trying to say is that I encourage volunteerism, and would love to help breed such volunteerism if one seeks to do so. Having pride and passion in your community can do wonders in making Morenci a place that is desirable to live, play and work. Simply helping out a neighbor with yard maintenance or cleaning up litter from a municipal park or street is volunteerism that can go a long way in our community, and is appreciated by all.

In closing, I appreciate the hard work of the 11​ volunteers whom I joined on Saturday at the cemetery, especially Sybil Diccion and Bob Mohr for spearheading such efforts in putting together the “community rake.”

– Michael S. Sessions

City Administrator / Clerk

City of Morenci