Young Councilor: Welcome Katie Cox 2015.05.20

Dozens and dozens of Morenci residents have volunteered to serve as council members since Morenci was incorporated as a village 144 years ago and many more have joined city government since the community was chartered as a city in 1934.

They’ve come from all walks of life—business owners and housewives, retired citizens and industrial leaders—but most likely, the term “teenager” could never have been used to label a council member.

That’s what makes Morenci’s newest member unique. Katie Cox is serving as a 19-year-old and she even expressed an interest in joining council when she was still a high school student. She used to discuss her political ambitions with teacher Heather Walker who encouraged her to give it a try.

The time finally arrived with this year’s city election that will leave four council seats up for grab. Cox will appear on the ballot in November and now she’s getting some early experience after receiving an appointment to fill a vacancy.

It’s unusual to have anyone of Cox’s age express an interest in serving on local government, but it’s certainly welcomed, and maybe her experience will lead others to consider a similar move. Perhaps our next board of education member will be someone who only recently left school.

It’s ironic that this has happened in Morenci because Cox will work with Michael Sessions who once served as the 18-year-old mayor of Hillsdale. He, more than anyone, will both understand the challenges she will face and appreciate her decision.

We welcome Cox to local government and hope the experience is a good one as she helps guide Morenci’s future.