New Industry: Kamco 2015.03.11

It’s not worth holding your breath over—you’d soon pass out before it’s official—but the news that Kamco Industries is considering an expansion into Morenci comes as excellent news for the community.

The vacant Palm Plastics facility owned  by Norbert Bauman was built for plastic injection molding and the building remains in great condition after its construction 15 years ago. With some renovation, the structure will offer Kamco an excellent facility.

If Kamco chooses to move forward with the Morenci project, it should be a comfort to city officials to have an established company coming into town, one with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. Morenci has been home to a couple of start-up industries that are no longer in existence, but Japanese-owned Kamco has a solid record of North American manufacturing, and we would be delighted to have Morenci as its fourth location.

It’s good to know the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has incentives to offer and is actively working with Kamco to make the investment here. The quarter million dollar job training package alone gives Kamco a good reason to look toward Michigan, and other incentives are on the table.

Should the Kamco deal become a reality, the growth here could turn into a boon for the lonely industrial park with only Roth Manufacturing in operation. As Morenci mayor Bill Foster pointed out at the council meeting, there’s always the possibility of a companion industry choosing to grow here.

OK, so we are holding our breath waiting for confirmation that it’s a done deal. We hope to publish more details soon—a story without the words “if” and “should.”