City Survey: Good information collected from city 2015.01.28

Morenci planning commission members  now have some interesting data about how Morenci residents view the city and the services provided. Nearly 25 percent of residents responded to the survey and that gives planners a good idea about how residents view Morenci.

It was obvious that the library, the fire department and ambulance service are all very highly regarded by a majority of residents, and it’s also obvious that street maintenance is seen as a shortcoming, along with code enforcement.

The comment section at the end of the survey offers more details into people’s thinking. Several people would like to see a better-looking town, with property kept up to code and farm wagons kept out of the front yards of rental properties. Many streets are in need of maintenance—many more than current city finances will be able to address.

The other common complaint mentioned by residents is the absence of brush pickup. That was a service greatly appreciated by citizens—particularly by those who don’t own a pickup truck—and many would like to see it returned.

The planning commission is expected to glean some information from the survey to assist in its effort to update the city’s master plan for land use. However, it’s city council that might end up getting the most use from the information. Citizens’ opinions could help play a role in the annual budget process.