History Center: It's a great addition to the area

The formation of the Bean Creek Valley History Center is good news for anyone interested in years gone by from this part of the nation.

Organizers are taking a unique approach by creating an archival center  for research instead of simply a museum. The Bean Creek Center will include historical artifacts, but it’s going to be more than a collection of items.

The proper storage of documents will be a focus of the Center, ensuring many years of safe-keeping for remnants of the area’s past.

Planning for the Bean Creek Center began many months ago and is the result of considerable thought and trading of ideas.

The one big hurdle that’s long stood in the way was the lack of a building to house the center. That problem was taken care of through a generous gift from the Beaverson family, and that donation brings with it some historical significance of its own.

The former Fayette Review newspaper office has its own history and stands as an important part of the community’s past. Besides that, the structure retains some interesting features from architecture of decades past.

The Center is designed to serve as a place of study not just for Fayette area residents, but for anyone interested in the greater Bean Creek Valley.

We congratulate those who have worked hard to organize the facility and look forward to the future opening of the Center.