Back-Yard Birds: Chickens not a popular choice 2014.10.22

Pity the poor reporter who attended Fayette’s public meeting about back-yard chickens—and heard plenty of complaints about having the birds in town—then rushed back to Morenci to hear more of the same at the planning commission meeting. The common barn-yard chicken has become a much-hated species around the area.

We’re surprised the outcry against back-yard chickens is so strong. It doesn’t seem likely too many Morenci residents would take advantage of a new law due to the restrictions already proposed. If a small coop must be placed inside a privacy fence with a permit fee paid to the city, we don’t expect that too many residents are going to make the investment.

It doesn’t seem very likely that an ordinance will be passed to allow chickens, either, which is somewhat ironic. Cities much larger than Morenci are allowing chickens, but out here in farming country there’s no place in town for them.

Fortunately, there are options for those who don’t want eggs produced in factory-farm conditions. Just check the Observer classified ads and save yourself the trouble of putting up the fence.