Issue 1: An easy choice for voters 2014.04.30

Ohio voters have one easy decision to make next week when they vote in the primary election. Support of Issue 1 should be on your must-do list.

Since the measure was first approved in 1987, more than a 11,000 public works projects have received funding through this state bond issue. Road work, bridge repair, sewer upgrades, water projects—capital improvements such as these have benefitted communities in every county in Ohio, including Fayette.

A “yes” vote will extend the fund for an additional 10 years and bring in more than $1.8 billion without costing taxpayers any additional funds.

Renewing the fund will create plenty of new jobs over the next decade, but it will also lead to important infrastructure upgrades that will benefit citizens throughout the state.

The ballot issue has the uncommon support of both legislative houses. Among the 123 state senators and representatives, only two voted against allowing citizens to decide on the renewal.

Fayette council members appreciate  the grants and loans directed to the Village in years past, and they realize the potential value for additional projects in the future.

Council approved a resolution of support last week for Issue 1. Now it’s your turn to vote your support in the election Tuesday.