Our Story: Ideas needed for marketing Morenci 2014.04.23

What is Morenci’s story?

That’s a question posed Monday night by city administrator Michael Sessions at a meeting of city and school officials. Sessions is a Hillsdale native who is still learning about his new community. When he and school superintendent Mike McAran discuss marketing the city—with the goal of new jobs for residents and new students for the school—they ponder what it is about Morenci that residents appreciate and are proud of. What’s in our history that’s made us what we are today?

Several members of the school board and city council attended the joint meeting and more than half of them are Morenci natives. When put on the spot to think about their home town, there was mention of the community’s agricultural heritage, along with a sense of tradition and security.

The characteristic mentioned the most is this town’s willingness to work together, to show compassion to one another—particularly to someone in need—to exhibit a sense of community.

“You don’t have to be born here to feel welcomed here,” said the newest council member, Pearl Phelps, who didn’t grow up in the area.

Two groups came together to get to know one another better, to share a desire to improve the community, to show a willingness to work together to make Morenci a better place—it was very heartening to witness and offered encouragement to push aside other developments such as the attempt to recall half of city council. Positive thinking and collaboration were the tone of the session.

There are many good stories to tell about Morenci, Sessions concluded. We just have to take the time to figure out how best to tell them.