City & School: Joint meeting is a good start 2014.04.16

A unique event is scheduled next week at Stair Public Library. At 7 p.m. Monday, a joint meeting is scheduled between city and school officials. The goals of the meeting are simple: Get to know one another; think about ways to work together to promote the city and the school district.

Morenci Area Schools is recovering from some hard times. Administrative instability, low staff morale, declining enrollment, financial challenges—coupled with increasing state regulation and decreasing state funding—have all contributed to a “low” era for the school district. 

It seems that everyone involved with the school agrees that things have changed for the better and continue to improve. Observer readers are aware of the good things going on in the school, but those outside the area are often stuck with a negative perception.

City government has taken many big strides in the past decade through a variety of projects, and it’s only recently that its “low” era has moved in. With the constant wrangling over the police department and now a recall effort underway, Morenci is likely to keep a reputation as a troubled place.

Superintendent of Schools Mike McAran and city administrator Michael Sessions aim to change that. Here are two outsiders who probably care more about the success of Morenci than many of us insiders do.

They’re working hard to change the perceptions that many people have of this city, and one of their efforts is the joint meeting next week. A few school board and council members will introduce themselves and tell why they are serving. They will let each other know why they do what they do and where they want to go. 

Before the meeting ends, there will be discussion about collaboration to get people thinking about how to work together to best move Morenci forward.

The meeting is open to the public. Stop by and see what’s up.