Fan Behavior: A little raucous in the bleachers 2014.02.19

It seems that every school goes through periods of time where fan behavior becomes an issue—an embarrassing issue. We can't think of any district in the area that always shows bad sportsmanship, year in and year out. An era arises, the athletes graduate, a new set of students and fans moves into the gymnasium.

Morenci is in one of those eras of bad fan behavior.

No one is about to argue that some weak officiating has been observed this season, but that's nothing new. That happens every year. It also happens every season that even though fans scream about decisions, a coach will say later that they were mostly good calls. Sometimes it's just a matter of perspective.

There also should be no argument about the value of screaming at officials. Does it really make them alter their job? If anything, it will only cause them to bristle more against the school that's so loudly pronouncing their failure as referees.

Any coach will tell you that it's a rarity to have a game decided by the officials. It’s not the ref that made a three-pointer bounce off the rim or the foul shot go wide. Athletes face the challenge of playing their best against their opponent and within what the referee allows.

Screaming at the refs may give fans some relief, but it does nothing for the game and only serves to train younger fans in the fine points of questionable behavior. As some fans are fond of saying—fond of shouting—"That’s terrible!" It really is.