Renée Schroeder: Thanks for dedicated service 2013.12.18

City council members have come and gone over the past 26 years and several mayors have been sworn into office and left after two or three terms. One figure has remained steady over all of that time—the person who swore them all into office, Renée Schroeder.

Renée is wrapping up a long career with the city at the end of December and she stands as a model to those seeking public service. Her devotion to the job and toward the betterment of the community are exemplary. She has remained a steadfast booster of her home town and she has accomplished much toward the improvement of the city.

Not only that, she found the time to take an active role in organizations including the Kiwanis Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Town and Country Festival committee and Morenci Garden Club.

During two and a half decades, Renée witnessed the city at its best and at its worst, through joyous times and during times of great community sadness. Challenging days are certainly on the horizon for her successor, Michael Sessions, with fiscal problems continuing and several new council members on board to help work through them.

When Renée was honored with a proclamation at the most recent council meeting, she told councilors that as they get in synch with one another, she trusts that they will do what she always did—work toward what’s best for the city.

Renée’s effort in that regard are much appreciated. We can only hope to see a continuation of her work by those on various levels who will fill the gap of her departure.