Good Decision: Skelton case remains in good hands 2013.11.20

There might be some criticism heard about a decision made by Morenci Chief of Police regarding the Skelton Brothers case. We’re not among the critics. We agree that a good decision was made.

News was released Tuesday afternoon, shortly before our deadline, about a transfer of information relating to the Skelton case to the Michigan State Police headquarters. The state police will now take the lead in investigating the case, removing it from the hands of the Morenci Police Department.

Detective Lt. Sean Furlong has worked closely with Chief Weeks since the investigation began in November 2010 and he continues to this day. If the case is going to be transferred to another agency, Furlong is certainly the person to take control.

Weeks says the vast majority of the time that he is unavailable for local police work is due to his continuing efforts in the Skelton case. The time devoted toward solving the mystery is enormous, and the resources needed to carry on the investigation also continue to grow.

If Weeks were to leave his post as police chief, his replacement would be bowled over in trying to catch up to Weeks’ level of knowledge. Furlong, on the other hand, has served a vital role  since the beginning.

Residents shouldn’t feel that the case is leaving Morenci to be pushed to the side in Lansing. Furlong and his staff would like nothing better than to bring the long saga to a close.