City Election: A most unusual year in Morenci 2013.10.30


A typical year in small-town elections means there's no choice to make. There will be one candidate running to fill one empty post or two in line to fill two seats, maybe both of them incumbents. Some years there's a shortage of candidates and an appointment needs to be made.

That's not the case this year in Morenci. With three city council seats to fill, there are four candidates to choose from. With the mayoral post opening up, once again there are four candidates.

That should make for an easy day at the polls for voters, however, that's not at all what we're hearing. Many citizens see a clear choice to make, but so many others say they would rather cancel Nov. 5 and try again later. They want to fill in the circle next to None of the Above.

In the council race, three of the four candidates will find a place at the council table next month. The mayoral race is proving more interesting and it's become a battle of the yard signs. 

We've talked to people who support incumbent Keith Pennington because they like what he's accomplished over the years. They look at the industrial park, the new and refurbished parking lots, the grants received, and they want to see what else he can help accomplish. Others say they will vote for him because they don't know what the other candidates will do. He's the safe bet, whether or not they really back him. 

There's no shortage of voters who say "Thanks for what you've done, but we're ready for a change." They don't know what the change might be, but they'll take a chance with either Bill Foster, Kebben Milliman or Jeffrey Moore for a two-year mayoral term.

No matter who wins next week, there’s a lot change guaranteed with the new council make-up and a new city administrative starting in January. 

Read through the profiles provided by most candidates in this week’s Observer and make your choice. If that’s not enough, attend the meet-and-greet session scheduled Monday evening at the Milestones facility.

Then get ready for the changes.