Flawed Process: City hiring was not done correctly 2013.07.24

From the start, something didn’t seem right about having a sitting city council member and the mayor seeking the job of city administrator—a position that city council and the mayor would hire and oversee.

The candidates excused themselves from compiling the interview questions, from sitting in on interviews, from discussing the candidates. It was all handled properly, but maybe not ethically.

The perception of the process not being right came to a head Monday night when the candidate recommended by the hiring committee faced yet another interview—this time with the council member and the mayor who also sought the job.

It was not a very encouraging episode for the person hired by council later in the evening, not a good way to start off the new job.

In the future, that situation should never arise. If a council member applies for a job with the city—a position that comes under the purvey of council—then a resignation in is order. The choice must be made about which role to take.