Morenci schools: Steve Philipp faced a tough challenge 2011.06.08

Morenci’s high school/middle school principal Steve Philipp took on an immensely difficult task for the district last August. With the departure of high school principal Nate Parker, an administrator needed to be put in place quickly with the new school year about to begin.

Not only was the position new to Philipp—his administrative experience was limited—but the position was new to the rest of us, also. Morenci had never before used a combined high school/middle school principal and Philipp needed to find his own way through uncharted territory.

The challenge was even greater than that. It’s often said that the school secretary is the person who ties everything together and moves a school along in the right direction. Philipp didn’t even have the advantage of retaining the same secretaries in their positions from the previous year due to a retirement and shifting of assignments. So much of his job was new.

Philipp faced an enormous challenge and tried his best to find the way through. He deserves the appreciation of Morenci school district residents for helping us through a tough year and we wish him the best in his next challenge.

It will soon be time to welcome a new administrator, also new to the job, who will at least have some of the ground covered by Philipp. Despite who your favorite candidate might have been for the job,  the support of staff, students and parents will go a long way toward a successful career here for Kelli Campbell.