Morenci Schools: Replacing Kyle Griffith 2010.02.10

Morenci Area Schools now has an interim superintendent in place following the abrupt departure of Kyle Griffith. Veteran teacher and principal Nate Parker has agreed to fill the role on an interim basis while continuing to serve as principal.

We think the school board is taking a good approach to the dilemma. By placing Parker in the interim slot through the end of the school year, the board has plenty of time to consider options before making its next move.

That next move could be a tricky one. Although no formal announcements have been given, it’s likely other administrative posts will open—all under the shadow of continuing financial troubles for the district.

It’s good to hear that that Morenci’s other administrators are willing to pitch in and help Parker with his new duties. He will be retaining a large portion of his previous job and a collaborative effort will help steady the ship in some challenging times. We’ve been impressed with our school administrators in the past and this only deepens the admiration.

It will be interesting to see what develops in the future. The days of a full-time superintendent are probably over for a small district and new options will come into play. Whether it’s multiple duties such as Morenci has already had, a part-time administrator such as in Fayette, or sharing administrators between school districts, changes are on the horizon.