Festival: Is there a talent void?


It just takes some hard work

Although several people have expressed disappointment in the talent portion of the Town and Country Festival Queen Pageant, not everyone shares that view.

We received a call last week from a reader who took great offense from a statement in the By The Way column last week about the lack of talent shown by the contestants who quietly sing along with a recorded vocal track made by a professional entertainer, rather than perform the song on their own.

We didn’t mean to imply that all contestants in the pageant failed to offer a talent. There were some very good presentations and we apologize to those who read the article in a way that wasn’t intended.

The caller predicts that no one will enter the contest next year because of what was written in the Observer.

We hope that doesn’t happen. The handful of contestants who danced or sang a solo should have no hesitation in entering the next competition.

The caller also suggested that it’s not right to expect more than what was offered by the contestants this year.

This isn’t the big city, he pointed out. That’s true, but small towns can produce good talent, too. That’s where a lot of the people in the big city grew up.

We still believe that requiring a talent will improve the pageant. Start planning now. Contestants have a year to decide on a specialty and begin working toward a good presentation.

If talent continues to be part of the contest format, then an actual talent should be required.

    – DGG, July 9, 2003