Morenci schools: Teachers' concession vote appreciated 2010.02.03

Last month’s concessions vote by the Morenci Education Association was a notable action by the union, a decision that took courage and showed concern.

Apparently it’s not a common move for a teachers’ group to voluntarily agree to give up pay. In fact, the Michigan Education Association and the county organization both advised against the move. That made the majority’s decision all the more impressive.

Morenci’s teachers saw the financial plight of the district. They wanted to help prevent additional layoffs of fellow staff members which would likely lead to reductions in the quality of the district’s educational program.

We know the decision was not an easy one and the vote was far from unanimous. Our teachers need to know that taxpayers are proud of their decision and pleased to see them buck the norm to join other school groups who have agreed to help save the district some much-needed cash.

The union members’ decision is an impressive show of concern and we’re pleased they made the choice.