Editorial page: A place for opinions 2009.12.30

This is a space we want to fill weekly with  opinion about local issues or about national issues that affect us locally. Many weeks go by without an editorial and it always seems like a failure on our part when that happens.

An editorial can provoke discussion about an issue and perhaps bring up some points that weren’t discussed at a meeting or around the restaurant coffee table. An editorial can raise the ire of a reader who writes back to tell us where we went wrong in our thinking.

In the past year, we praised city council’s action in hiring someone to clear walks of snow at vacant property and where residents don’t get the job done on their own. In our thinking, it showed support for pedestrians forced to walk through snow.

We were critical of council when members made what we thought was a rushed judgement in supporting the move of the police department to the vacant NWD building. The loss of potential manufacturing space appears to us a loss to the city.

We urged Fayette council to abandon its sewer system upgrade schedule of chopping the work into phases. Completing the job all at once would be cheaper in the long run and now, with federal funds flowing, would be a good time to pursue the project.

We questioned the wisdom of Medina Township’s interest in switching fire coverage to Hudson rather than Morenci, and we were angered by criticism of the fire department following a fatal house fire.

We praised many local efforts—Seneca Township’s scrap tire collection, the Living Library project at Morenci’s library, etc.—and we remained puzzled by the confusion in Michigan’s athletic schedule changes that remain in need of better organization (look to Ohio).

We pushed for federal health care reform—a plan that doesn’t rely on having the right job to receive good coverage—and we supported calls for a change in voting days to move away from a busy weekday to the weekend.

Our views covered a wide range of topics that were cheered by some and criticized by others. That, of course, is what the opinion page is all about and we welcome your thoughts to join ours in the year to come.