Medina Township: Fire decision must be made for the residents' best interest 2009.07.15

Here’s a scenario that doesn’t play out well for either Morenci or Hudson’s fire departments.

A call comes in for a house fire just west of Morenci. The dispatcher calls the Hudson Fire Department to respond since it was recently chosen by the Medina Township board to serve the entire township.

It’s a 15-mile trip for the Hudson trucks and a few hundred yards for Morenci. As with any house fire, Hudson calls Morenci for mutual aid. Morenci, in effect, is the first responder, as it has been for decades. The difference, of course, is that Hudson is paid for the service.

This isn’t the situation at the current time, although the Medina board has talked about making it such. Unhappy with the increase that Morenci has proposed for fire protection, the board has approached Hudson to see if that department will cover what has long been Morenci’s response territory.

Hudson might say “no thanks” to the request. Perhaps the department has no interest in expanding its territory. Perhaps the department has no interest in becoming a part of the scenario mentioned above.

We’re please the township board made a decision to continue service with Morenci on a month-by-month basis while its options are explored. This is what’s best for township residents who live closer to Morenci than Hudson.

We hope the board’s final decision is also in the best interest of its residents.