Library: Living Library opens minds 2009.04.01

Morenci is at the top of the Living Library website this week under the headline “US Congressman lent out as Living Book in Michigan.”

The article states “the first Living Library in the state of Michigan happened this afternoon at Stair Public Library in Morenci.”

People who served as living books and those who came to the library to “read” them both spoke highly of the event Saturday at Morenci’s library. It was a good start, they said, but they want more.

It’s true that U.S. Congressman Mark Schauer was the highest profile Book—he and his staff all spoke very highly of the event—but all of our local Books were equally impressive.

Most Books in our Living Library are Morenci area residents, showing that the diversity of thought and belief found in this small community is remarkable

In many cases it took some courage to publicly wear a label—Gay Teen, Teen Mom, Mentally Ill, Witch—and allow both strangers and acquaintances to delve into your mind and force you to explain yourself.

In the Living Library, the exchanges were meaningful and rewarding. The Books seemed pleased to articulate their beliefs; the Readers were eager to learn more and toss aside some misconceptions. And that, after all, is the purpose of the Living Library.

As one of the slogans attached to the program says: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Open up the mind and look around.