Morenci school: Winter sports schedule is chaotic 1.21.09

This is year two of the new winter sports schedule for Michigan schools—less chaotic than the first round last season, but still not easy to follow.

We’ve heard that various leagues are making their own adjustments, without any statewide pattern being followed. Within the county there might be a boys game at one school and a girls game at another.

We suggest the Tri-County Conference athletic directors take the approach we proposed last year: look at the Buckeye Border Conference in Ohio and follow that pattern.

For half of the season, fans know the girls will have the gymnasium on Friday nights. For the other half, it will be the boys’ turn. In the Tri-County Conference, there’s no consistency at all.

Fayette tends to schedule a lot of Saturday games for the boys to give them a weekend date and reduce the number of week night games.

The Saturday schedule includes one date when the boys and girls both play at the same location.

For a more dramatic solution to the change in seasons, we’d like to see some nights where the varsity girls and boys play on the same night and the junior varsity teams play on another.

 It’s likely we’ll be feeling the disarray of Michigan’s season change—moving volleyball to the fall—again next year at this time with the schedule bouncing around chaotically. The effort to make adjustments won’t be easy at first, but it needs to begin now before it’s too late to change.