Palm Plastics: A great news story for Morenci 2008.10.08

The news from Palm Plastics has been a difficult story not to write. We first heard hints about the project in February and have collected updates through the ensuing months. As pieces of the story leaked out among the public, it became more and more difficult to stay in the position of "not knowing" about Palm’s developments and keeping the news out of the newspaper.

It’s an uncomfortable position for a newspaper to play—especially when the rumors are starting to move around—but in a situation of this magnitude, it’s also risky to breach the requests for silence if it could jeopardize the project.

Besides, the updates were not always good. Sometimes the project seemed to on the verge of failure. Occasionally it seemed as though it might be heading out of town.

To finally report on the Palm Plastic’s plans for the future highlights the desire and efforts of company president Jeffery Owen to make sure the business stays in Morenci. He’s exhibited an impressive loyalty to this community—a loyalty that he’s maintained through some very tough times for the company.

Owen knew what he wanted to get done, but it’s something he couldn’t possibly have achieved without the work of a variety of sources.

Locally, city administrator Renée Schroeder has devoted many hours toward the project, working closely with city council’s Finance and Legal Committee chair Keith Pennington and mayor Doug Erskin.

The various facets of the project have been closely monitored by David Munson of Munson Development Company. His name is a familiar one to many Morenci residents for his past efforts in economic development here.

Finally, it was the Michigan Economic Development Corporation that really made it all happen. Through a variety of abatements, credits and grants, the economic package will keep Palm Plastics in Morenci and it will keep the company growing.

With not much in the news these days but bad news on the economic front, Morenci has a very good news story to present.