Organ Donation: It's a great gift to give 2008.08.20

Do you have a small red heart on the front of your license? 

That’s something Michigan drivers can have—if they make the decision to join the state’s Organ Donor Registry.

Of course the option is available in Ohio and other states, but maybe not with the red heart designating the willingness to provide a “second chance” for someone else.

The story on page three of this week’s Observer tells about a mother’s decision to donate the organs and tissues from her son who died in an automobile accident. It’s an inspiring tale and perhaps it will move you to fill out the form and join those willing to be on the registry.

When the phrase “organ donor” is mentioned, most people think of the heart or kidney. Kidneys and livers are the two organs most in need, but advances in medicine have led to an amazing variety of applications from donated organs and tissues.

By joining the registry, a person has the potential to save the lives of eight other people. The decision to donate can affect the quality of life for 50 people through the use of eyes and tissues.

Read the story on page three and think it over. Work past the initial hesitations you might have and think about the gift you could offer. As the Michigan Organ Donor Registry group says it, “Give so others can live.”