Morenci schools: Trimester schedule 2006.05.03

Better than the altermative

The high school’s new trimester scheduling system may seem complex, but frankly, it’s the better of two options.

New state graduation requirements mandating four years of English, science and math are set to go into effect for current seventh graders. Simply put, with the new standards, there won’t be enough periods in the semester year to meet the scheduling needs of every student.

Before switching to the trimester system, administrators were considering adding a period to the school day. This would have increased the workload for everyone. Teachers would have to plan for six classes instead of five. Students would have seven classes’ worth of homework and tests instead of six.

Adding a period would also require shortening period length. Teachers would have more classes to teach, less time to plan for them and less time to teach them. Since students now need to pass more classes in order to graduate, it makes little sense to give teachers and students more work.

Which is why switching to trimesters was the right choice.

- Jeff Pickell,  May 3, 2006