Gardener's Grapevine 2016.07.20


I’m sure almost anyone in the area is aware that Hudson Lake is there. I’m also quite certain some of you have been out there at some point in your life, perhaps frequently. I had not been there since I was a teenager. Art and I had to make a trip to Hudson Saturday evening. We had been busy working around the house and hadn’t eaten, so we ordered a pizza and decided to take it out to Hudson Lake and eat it. I was so glad we did and I’m very sure we will again.

This is not the lake I remember with unimproved roads, rotten docks and brackish water. It is very well kept with campsites, a beach, and a nice boat area to put them in the water. All the public traffic and picnic areas are mowed and easily accessible. The roads are paved and easy to travel. What really got me were the wild flowers. So many varieties waving beautifully in the early evening breeze.

We have a state park pass and visiting them is nothing new to either of us. State parks are often beautiful, partially wild and great fun. We go to many of them when we head north to see our son. How then did we not give credence to what is right in our own back yard?

For $12 you can obtain a license plate tag that allows you access to any state park in Michigan and as far as I am concerned it’s a real deal. There are so many beautiful wild flowers in bloom, even the sumac is getting in on the show. I remember as a kid going out there with my dad and my uncle and basically mudding on the old dirt roads. No, we probably weren’t supposed to be out there, but I was a kid and with adults you do what they do. To go from that to this is amazing.

When I met my husband he had a black lab that loved the water as most labs do. We took him out there and let him jump off the dock after a Frisbee.

In between slices of pizza Art and I got to talking about Hudson Lake and what we remembered. How it came to be a state park and what happened to the old roads. Are there really farms under water in that lake? How did the state get them? Was it eminent domain?

One answer we got right away. As we left the park we passed a sign that said Haley Hwy. My husband said, “I think this used to lead back to the lake.” He turned down this “highway” to check it out. What is dubbed a hgihway is nothing more than a dirt farmers path, very impassible by normal vehicles.

I sat down at home and did what I always do, I Googled the history of Hudson Lake. All I came up with is a lot of stuff put on the web by the state about things to do at Hudson Lake state park. Some of the fishing listed sounds incredible. No wonder there were so many boats out there and more coming in. I love to eat fish, and I like to go fishing as long as I don’t have to actually fish. I like to sit in the boat and read while Art fishes. A nice relaxing day, with yummy fish for supper.

Don’t miss this little gem that is right in your back yard.