Gardener's Grapevine 2016.04.07


With the recent snow I began to wonder about snow falls and how late we have had them in our history. So, as usual, to Google I go. The answers I found were for all different parts of the country, but the oldest records appear to only be kept for the largest cities. The closest to us was Detroit, and the date was May 10, 1902, with a half inch recorded. I don’t know about you, but by May I’ve had my fill of winter.

Last week was a rough one for me as I had knee surgery. I wanted to be outside when it was nice, but walking was a bit challenging. I did, however, take a trip around the house and look at what was turning green and poking through the soil and what had made it through another winter.

Our roses are in great shape. The climbers are recovering from their last couple of harsh winters and starting to green up a bit. The tiny tea roses out front are budding a little, and I’m hoping this snow did not hurt them. The long stemmed and more compact rose bushes appear to have all also come through unscathed.

I managed to trim the lavender plants and the center of the stems are green. The tall phlox are all three inches out of the ground. This is one of my favorite flowers; it smells divine in the summer when it blooms, and it blooms for a long time. I love the way flowers scent the air as you walk by or sit near them.

The thing that made me the happiest on my little adventure around our home was that the Lenten roses are blooming and they are so sweet smelling.  When all else is sleeping or just beginning to wake up, these little beauties are awake blooming and doing their work. They are a harbinger of spring. A long time ago I had a huge bed of small white ones that were so fragrant they made you smile. Due to an unfortunate mishap I lost that entire bed. The good part is I’m slowly regrowing them and they are resilient little devils. I want to eventually cultivate more varieties.

When spring starts peeking around the corner I get  itchy to play in the dirt.  It is a sickness, I think. Maybe instead of spring fever we should call it Gardener’s Itch? Whatever it is, I love it and spring. The tulips are all leafed out and I noticed the flower stems shooting up and small buds forming. I suppose with an early Easter it is expected that we are all ready for spring.

Gardener or not, we all love warm weather. Vitamin D is a vital part of life that not many people realize. It comes mainly from the sun and is what makes a person feel good. Vitamin D is a natural mood elevator and people without an adequate vitamin D level in their blood can not absorb calcium and are often depressed on some level. I order quite a few Vitamin D levels every week at work. I see the results of what raising that level can do in the bone density tests we run. It’s pretty amazing how something so simple does such good.

So when you are pulled to be outside, look at that bright beautiful sun and thank it for making you feel so rejuvenated, then go play in the dirt.