Gardener's Grapevine 2016.02.10


This past week was very strange weather wise. Sixty degrees and sunny one day, and the next day I’m sitting in my office seeing snow out the window. Only in the north can we see every season in one week. Many of you, I’m sure, have even seen some crocus trying to peek through. The plants are as confused as we are.

I have some tulips I forgot to plant in the fall and was curious if they will still be OK if I plant them in in the early spring. So off I went to Google where I learned that as long as they were kept in the cold they will be fine, and I can plant them as soon as a spade will go into the ground. Not now, but very soon, especially if we keep getting these warm days. I am in luck because my bulbs have been on the table in the garage all winter. Daffodils are the same as the tulips.

It was such a gorgeous day when we were in the sixties. I took a little stroll around the yard to check out the beds. Since it was a mild winter, the roses look pretty good; the bushes and shrubs haven’t had any damage. If I had gotten home earlier I might have done some yard clean up.

During the fall and winter everything blows down Main Street. I pick up paper and  other garbage when I see it, but the leaves are another matter. They just blow and blow sticking to almost anything in their path. Spring clean-up usually takes at least one whole weekend, if not two. It always looks so nice to see everything so clean and the new plant shoots popping through the newly thawed ground. Sometimes, if we’ve had a cold hard winter, I will move a pile of leaves and underneath it is still icy.

Spring is my favorite season as I love the newness of it. This spring there will also be a new baby in our family to add to it. Our little Max will soon be a big brother.  I am talking about spring like we can all just go out and get started, but  unfortunately it is February, which means we still may have some nasty weather ahead.

The last couple of weeks I have been writing about starting a garden for the newbie. What about the seasoned gardener? Are your tools all sharpened and ready to go?

I think in the next couple of weeks I’m going to pull a soil plug from my vegetable garden and have it tested, so I can get a jump on what needs added and have it ready. This year I will not be growing  sweet corn. The raccoons and squirrels had a party with it last year, and it takes up too much room not to be able to enjoy it.

So I’m thinking about starting a cutting garden for flowers and enlarging the cucumber patch and trying my hand at pickling. It would be nice to see fresh flowers in the house, at work and for the church. We shall see what happens. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men….