Gardener's Grapevine 2015.11.11


   I know I'm not the only person out there who loved the weather this pas weekend. I heard it all day long from my patients while I was stuck in the office. Art and I work odd hours and we are usually exhausted after work. On the weekends we cram in a lot of different activites, chores, and hobbies, such as taking our grandson,Max, to things he'll like and spoiling him, of course, and working on the house, yard and gardens. Art and I do everything together and we enjoy it. Thirty -two years strong, and it helps when your spouse is also your best friend

   Saturday we decided to check out the Hillsdale flea marketsince we had a lot of treasures left from our summer yard sale. One man's treasure... well, sort of. What I saw was a lot of junk in the auction, except for some very nice shrubs. We sold a lot of stuff, however, there wasn't a lot of other folks' treasures I really felt needed to come home with us. But I have to say it was a greeat way to sell unwanted items and I think plants would sell well in the spring, also. So a lot of my voluntary extras in the spring will most likely go into pots for a trip to Hillsdale.

   After Hillsdale we came home to a mess of yard work. I would like to stress the word mess. Leaves can get into the strangest of places. Our neigbors, the Johnsons, have perhaps the largest oak tree  have ever seen in their front yard. It is a gorgeous tree. I'm sure the orginal owners of that home did not think ahead 200 years to how huge it would get. I'm sure most people drive by and don't even notice it. I am well aware it is there, because that gorgeous beast throws leavesall over our block, along with acorns. A tree that size can produce many leaves. Art and I worked all afternoon to clean up.

   I don't think putting in the garden and maintaining it takes that much time and effort. I don't know how I missed it, but fruit trees have leaves like that to hold fast to grass and are a bear to clean up. As I blew the mother lode of leaves to the road I came upon the burning bush we planted many years ago. This shrub always has gorgeous red leaves every fall. This year it knocked itself out, and, call me silly, but the leaves looked beautiful mixed in with all the brown fruit tree leaves and tan oak leaves.

   Art has a gas leaf bower, but I can't run it as I have a bad arm and it is very heavy. I prefer all things electric with an endless supply of energy, light weight and simple. Sometimes bigger is not better, lighter is!
  I know there are those of you who will cringe, but I also started getting the holiday outdoor decorations out. I won't light them, however, putting them up at 50 degrees makes more sense than at 30 degrees. Enjoy the weather as long as we are lucky enough to have it, soon we will all be shut inside.