Gardener's Grapevine 2015.11.04


I’m super excited for the warm weather that is predicted this week. It’s a perfect time to finish up the outdoor chores.

I know I’m going to hear a lot of groans for this next statement, but the weather is perfect for putting the outside Christmas décor up. There are a lot of people who have a fit about decorating before Thanksgiving, but I am willing to take the flack. It is so much quicker and I do a better job when it’s warm out.

Our family has a lot of traditions that Art and I have built over the years that make the holidays fun for all of us. We consider Thanksgiving Day as the opening party of the holidays since the holidays are all about being thankful to God for his gifts.

I love to use natural things to decorate, including a live Christmas tree that goes up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Going as a family to pick out and cut down that tree that we all decorate and celebrate around is just so special. Having someone special to create traditions with and share joy is such a blessing.

This past weekend was Halloween with all its crazy creative fun. I had to go to Dollar General  for cleaning supplies and after putting off the temptation for a couple weeks I went to Wing Shot Gifts to check out the awesome creativity that goes on there. To say this gal has decorating talent is an understatement. It is so hard not to purchase something. I went home with an old ammo box that is really rough and I plan to put evergreen, holly, a snowman and some pine cones in it. Extra pine scent is a bonus.

On my way to do the shopping I saw a heartwarming sight. Larry Bruce and his adorable granddaughter, Kalleigh, were walking down the sidewalk. They decided to have a little race and they both broke into a run and both were laughing. This is a great example of what is most important in life.

If you like nature as part of your decorations now is the time to think of what is available to get the job done. It is also time to get all those mums that are sitting around and the bulbs you bought into the ground.

Those planters that held the summer flowers you can leave the dirt in after you pull the plants and put evergreen, some small long branches and weatherproof ornaments or snowmen in them. As they freeze the soil will hold them in place all winter long.

If you like evergreen roping it is already available; I’ve seen it at the home improvement stores. I personally use the fake roping, but more due to cost than preference. It takes a lot to do our porches and I find it too time consuming to make my own. Roping is extremely easy to make. If you are interested YouTube has a couple videos to instruct you on it.

With the warm weather upon us, take advantage and get a jump on your cool weather chores. Living in this area we all know it wont last…unfortunately.