Gardener's Grapevine 2015.09.23


What’s new in the garden, you ask? Well, my answer would be immediate and disgusted in tone...about a quarter inch of dirt from the gravel road that used to be a beautiful paved road, also known as Morenci’s Main Street.

I came home one evening this past week and went out to water the annuals only to discover they were covered in dusty gravel dirt. I shook the plants to remove as much as possible then gave them a dousing with the hose. The hanging pots did not fair as well. I couldn’t very well douse them without causing a muddy mess all over the white porch rails. The poor babies are choking on all that dust that just keeps rolling in. Everything is covered in it—the cars, the house, our windows, the tomatoes and squash on the vines, even our raspberries that are producing again.

We are not dirty people, quite the opposite, but right now if you live on Main Street you don’t have an option. I’ve tried to find a positive in this, but this time there just isn’t one. The road is a mess, everything is filthy and the only thing I can think of positively is that thankfully we have a power washer.  I can’t wait for next spring to clean all that gravel out of the yard after the snow plows throw it there.

The Morenci Garden Club spends months working, planning and earning the money to pay for beautifying our small town. I’m not talking about a few hundred dollars, more like a few thousand. Many people help to raise the funds to keep our work going. We get donations from many different organizations and private individuals, all of which is very appreciated and we couldn’t do it without everyone’s assistance. With that said, it is very sad to see it all covered in dirt.

I am passionate about our small town and the impression we make as folks drive by going to and from their destinations. What does that mess say about our town? Are we giving a good invitation to live here? Everything we do impacts others. We are told not to judge others and I try not to, as everyone has different tastes. We all know, even if it is left unsaid, that everyone thinks with an opinion. I try to give a good impression of what small town living is and why  we are willing to drive so far to work.

The fall mums are looking great and from the looks of them the Garden Club’s fall mum sale went well. They always get the biggest pots of mums for a reasonable price.

Due to all the rain I think the price of pumpkins will be up this year, but who can resist buying at least one? It’s just not fall without a pumpkin on the porch or steps. Since our favorite orchard went out of business we go to Applewood Orchards near Deerfield to get cider and apples. I’m thinking I will need to make a trip soon as cider sounds so good. There is an art to blending apples into cider and since Pennington Orchard closed I find that the closest to theirs is Applewood’s. It’s not exactly the same, but close.

I think applesauce is in order, too. My grandmother Katherine used to make applesauce from scratch and it just seems to me to be a part of fall and winter. I’ve been pushing around the idea of making a large batch and freezing it. I think it would freeze nicely and make for a nice treat this winter without the fuss of coming home from work and having to peel apples. Writing this has made me hungry for gram’s applesauce. Guess where I’ll be going after work tomorrow?