Gardener's Grapevine 2014.05.29

I’m sure I am not the only person who has driven through our sweet little town and thought what a pretty place it is to live. 

In the warm months you see the hanging baskets with their intensely colored flowers, the planters sporting much of the same, our park war memorial with its patriotic flowers, the flags lining our main street, the natural beauty of our parks, businesses, and well kept homes. All this doesn’t just happen. It’s not all tax dollars at work or one person doing this. It’s a community where a lot of people choose to volunteer, work and get involved in one way or another to make this town one we are all proud to call home.

It takes an enormous amount of work and money to do the things that get done in this town that are extras. Take for example the hanging baskets downtown. Not only are they a huge part of the Garden Club’s yearly expenditure, but there are other civic clubs and people who donate money to make those appear: Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, personal donations from businesses and individuals. Yes, the Garden Club gets them there, and picks out the flowers, but it wouldn’t happen without all the hard work of individuals raising money and assisting in many different ways.

There are a lot of dedicated, hard working individuals in this town. Some have lived here for generations and others are newer residents. It doesn’t really matter, it’s the fact that there is a centralized goal to make Morenci a clean, beautiful place to live. Even if you just put that candy wrapper in a trash can instead of throwing it on the ground you are helping.

We have a committee in the Garden Club that cleans up the roadside every month. They collect dozens of bags of trash. There are many people who work diligently to keep their homes and properties neat, tidy and attractive. You don’t have to live in a big fancy home to have it look nice. Small homes can look very nice and cozy, it just takes elbow grease and determination. It would be nice to have a full time gardener and if you were independently wealthy, it’s a real possibility. Most of us don’t come close to that kind of income base, so we are the gardeners, painters and general maintenance crews. Whatever your income level, you can keep a tidy attractive place.

My point is that yes, it takes work, lots of it, but the end result is a thing of beauty, a town that we are all proud to call home. No matter your civic contribution, it is a job well done. We look awesome. Keep up the good work.