Gardener's Grapevine 2014.03.12

This week I received a very cute picture in my Facebook inbox. It was a picture of a greenhouse obviously in the south. In the picture was a huge sign that said, “We’re so happy spring is here we wet our plants.” Can’t we all relate to this?

This Sunday morning we were watching the television program “Sunday Morning” on Channel 11. We watch this every Sunday and love it. This program is divided into small story segments. One segment was about the Philadelphia flower show that is now in progress. This flower show is touted as being as much about art as it is about plants. All I could think of that statement is, that is what all flower shows are. They are art forms. That’s what a huge part of gardening is, especially with flowers. What goes well with what, causes the wow factor or the peaceful, tranquil feeling.

Regardless of how they present the show, it was very beautiful and some of the displays were intended to replicate works by certain artists. The entryway was designed to represent the artwork of Alexander Calder who is famous for very modern forward thinking art, most of which is in the form of mobiles. It was really interesting to see plants suspended in air, coordinated in a fashion as to replicate shapes in different hues of bright colors.

The show appeared to be broken up into sections like rooms, representing different submissions of whatever moved the entrant. One was definitely made to look like a mountainside with trees, weeds, wildflowers and even old rusty abandoned tire rims. It was so well done that it appeared like you were on the side of a mountain. This display won a huge award.

The entire show made me want to jump in the car and head to Philadelphia. It also got me thinking about how no matter where you live or how big or small it is, you can make it into anything you want.  It just takes the right plants, dirt,  enhancements and some creativity.

This leads me to another subject: outbuildings. There is a show on television about a company that builds and repairs tree houses. If you’ve been looking at our property, you’ve seen the eyesore that at one time was our kids’ tree/club house. Our grandson will not be playing in said play area because it is leaving soon. 

We have been discussing tearing it down or changing it for a few years now. Art has the idea to build a treehouse more functional for everyone—an adult version like on the television show. All I can think is, oh Lord please don’t let him get crazy with this idea. I like the show and some of those are just cabins in the air, very extensive, expensive cabins. I personally don’t need another house to clean, but the idea sounds fun if it doesn’t get out of hand.

Prior to starting this project, he has some small woodworking projects to finish like the garden fence and pergola, none of which are huge projects. I will keep you posted once the treehouse project begins. In the meantime, if you’re headed east, go through Philadelphia and check out the flower show.