Gardener's Grapevine 2014.01.15

One of my Facebook friends posted this quote and I liked it so much I wanted to share it with all of you: “Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream.” – Josephine Nuese.

Two more catalogs came this week and I’m itching to look them over. Unfortunately I had to dedicate my weekend to finishing the deep cleaning I started during our snow days. I have a pretty huge pantry which should really be labeled the catch-all room as that’s what happens.

I started Monday with a huge pitching fest and did not get back to it. Needless to say, our dining room was a rock bottom disaster as that’s where I dumped everything as I sorted and pitched. We looked like we were getting a good base for a “Hoarders” episode.

My biggest question when undertaking something like this is where does it all come from? I also know we now have food in there I don’t remember ever purchasing.

I found a very nice stash of seeds that have stayed nice and cool and should be fine for this year. Most of them were herbs and I will start them inside and see what turns up. I love starting my own herbs and harvesting them all summer. What is better than finding seeds in the dead of winter? Finding a pretty huge bag of seed starter. I can start them ASAP because all I need is right here. 

My sister is living out of state and called to ask advice on seed starting and the possibility of me teaching her to can. Well pretty good because canning is putting the icing on the beautiful cake you just took all day baking. She lives in an area where food is even more expensive than it is here. The problem will probably be keeping her from tilling up her entire yard as she doesn’t do anything in moderation.  

What did you all do with your Christmas trees? I put mine on the bonfire pit and covered it with bird seed. The birds love to hide in it and the seed keeps them fed. Unfortunately the birds have to share with the squirrels once they realize the seed is in there. It will take most of the winter for it to totally dry out and drop all its needles. Then in the summer we will have a nice bonfire and roast supper over it.

I adore toasted marshmallows and burnt hot dogs. Roasting dogs over an open fire is not the same as using a grill. They always have a better taste from the open  flame.

Our Christmas trees always get a lot of mileage. We cut them fresh and it helps them to stay fresh longer both in the house and outside for the birds. During our recent snowstorms, the birds were all over looking for something to eat. They stripped the leftover seeds from this previous summer flower stalks. I also put some feed out in the feeders and they emptied very rapidly. When you’re making your shopping lists, keep our feathered friends in mind.