Gardener's Grapevine 2013.11.06

I’ve been cleaning up crabapples for two weekends now. I only do it on Sundays but what an awful job! We planted crabapple trees because the ones at Wakefield Park are so very beautiful. They are also extremely old. When we purchased ours it was with the understanding that they were non-fruit bearing. Well, someone lied to us. Every one of them shoots a ton of fruit in the street, yard, and into my flower beds every fall.

When we first planted them there wasn’t any fruit. Then, about four years ago it started coming, and wow do they knock themselves out.

Last week I wrote about cleaning up your gardens and yards. I noted that it was okay to cut off the hostas, as we soon would have a killing frost. Well it happened, and all my hostas are yellow and frostbitten.

The rain and winds this past week were a very good thing for everyone except the trick-or-treaters. The leaves really came down and that was a good thing as our trees and bushes were still  loaded. When I was cleaning up the crabapples I realized the majority of the leaves are down and there are not  many in the yard. Guess someone down the road is probably cursing me due to the amount of leaves in their yard. Maybe they kept blowing and wound up in Bean Creek and floated on down stream.

Since the city is not doing yard waste clean up, our compost pile is grossly larger than ever. We have two compost bins now. One with the stuff that we want in the garden and the other with the stuff that either takes longer to break down or is something I don’t want in the garden like weeds with lots of seeds or morning glory vines.

Once this compost breaks down we use it to fill in holes in the yard and for bottom potting soil in large pots. This compost pile can take two to three years to fully break down. Everything from corn stalks to the weeds go in it, but no sticks.

It looks like most of the farmers have the majority of the crops in for the year. It always amazes me how far you can see when the fields are all harvested. This part of the state really is flat for the most part.

Yesterday I took a trip over to Archbold and as I drove along the back roads I realized the woods are getting bare fast. The boring drab months are upon us. But first we have all the holidays.

I saw a catalog this week for Williams Sonoma that offered edible wreaths for your home or to send as gifts. What an awesome idea. They had lots of different dried herbs in it and you just pulled off what you want to use. As long as you didn’t have a very dusty home it would be an excellent gift. I have just the person in mind for this garden fresh gift.

When thinking of the upcoming holidays I always think of how important our great outdoors is in our celebrations. Wreaths, trees, garlands, pinecones, herbs, spices, and berries. All the foods our wonderful world is so involved in all we do for our celebrations​.