Chocolate Souffle versus Rice Krispies 2015.10.07


I won’t say I am abandoning my weight challenge with David, but you would have come to that conclusion if you had watched me eat this past weekend. I was done in by Art Prize in Grand Rapids, and, more specifically, the weather. 

Truly, I don’t think I would have eaten the Chocolate Souffle for dessert if it hadn’t been raining. But my friend Pat and I had taken refuge in the Amway Grand Plaza hotel when the rain began in earnest late Saturday afternoon. We checked out a couple first floor hotel restaurants before settling on The Kitchen, Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant, which is closer to the three major locations of art we planned to visit next, the Gerald Ford Museum, the Grand Rapids Public Museum and the DeVos Place Convention Center.

We had an amazing waitress who gave excellent recommendations for salads and entrees, so when she suggested we might want to share a Chocolate Souffle, I knew it would be good. However, I was struggling to finish the incredibly delicious pad Thai so I knew I wouldn’t have room for dessert. (That’s the downside of eating at a restaurant far from your parked vehicle, not wanting to carry around a to-go container and being genetically unable to waste food.) 

But, the rain kept coming down. From our table we could see it pouring in sheets over the Grand River. Neither of us was eager to enter the outdoors so we lingered. Eventually, I succumbed to the lure of the souffle; Pat agreed to share.

Even before the early dinner and the delectable Chocolate Souffle, accompanied by a little dollop of salted caramel ice cream and a rich dark chocolate sauce, since arriving in Grand Rapids late that morning, I’d already eaten a slice of pizza, a big bite of lemon bar, a hunk of chocolate-dipped macaroon, and a hunk of chocolate chip cookie from the incomparable Nantucket Bakery, Martha’s Pizza and Martha’s Vineyard, the grocery-bakery-pizzeria neighborhood conglomerate. Glory.

And then when I got home at 11 p.m., I ate two slices of pizza, and another round of hunks from the lemon bar, macaroon, and cookie.

My only mistake is that I brought back lots of treats for David. I forget that the enticing things I bring home for him only serve to put him on the path to victory in the Up to 150, Down to 140 Challenge. It’s like I’m on the wrong path, fueling his success while impeding my own. I keep forgetting that my role in this contest is to cut back and cut out all these delectable things.

Nantucket Bakery and Martha’s Vineyard shouldn’t have been on my itinerary. But, remember my last column? Carpe diem, it is. How often do I get to Grand Rapids? Certainly not enough. 

I don’t have any excuse for falling sway to Facebook photos of fancy foods, though. I should just scroll right on past them, but a plate of Chocolate Rice Krispie Balls just jumped out at me recently. The chocolateness caught my eye, and the recipe looked like something I was going to have to get to know: peanut butter, butter, vanilla, Rice Krispies, pecans, and shredded coconut mixed together into balls, cooled and then dropped into melted chocolate.

The recipe looked great, but I was surprised by the comments.

JBJ asked, “What is Rice Krispies?”

I thought, “Really? What is Rice Krispies?” And then I realized, Oh, she must not be from America. (Later it became clear she was from the Philippines.)

The next responses explained Rice Krispies, but one person (GDWW) asked, “Is this question for real? Lol”

I thought, “That’s not very nice,” and then someone nailed it: “GDWW apparently thinks the entire world has Rise Krispies!”

Another person chimed in saying, “Not all countries have all the same items we have here.”

TA said, “I’m guessing you don’t live in America, JBJ. While not so special as just a cereal, in recipes like this, Rice Krispies cereal is wonderful.”

And they barely even have any fat. I’ll have to buy some for David.