There's a lot of grams of sweetness in Caroline 2015.01.28

I don’t really have much to say so I think I’ll let my almost four-year-old granddaughter Caroline write this week’s column. It’s been three months since the last time the bulk of this space consisted of her observations on life. My daughter Rosie continues to record “Caroline Says” comments in a Google document that she shares with me and others, so she should get a byline, too. She has to be pretty quick when it comes to capturing Caroline’s words, thoughts and actions. Here’s a bunch from the last few months. “R” stands for Rosanna and “C” for Caroline; “little sister” is one-year-old Ellie.   -Colleen


Jan 25: R- I think she's asking if you want to pick that up for her. C- Um, I sure do! I love you, little sister, I really love you!

Jan 22: (talking about snack at preschool) R: What's monkey balls? C: It's cereal and it's made from fruit and it have a lot of grams of healthy in it.

Jan 13: (talking about a kid she met in the Chick-fil-A play area) C- I ask her where she live and she say Lexington, but I want to know like what numbers, and what lane, and what her house look like. And do she have dress-up clothes?

Jan 12: (after I put the girls in the car then returned the cart on a cold, rainy day) C- I think it over the law to leave us in the car when you take the cart back. (She consistently says "over the law" instead of "against the law.")

Jan 12: (listening to a song on the Frozen soundtrack) C- This song have a big back.  R- You mean like loud background sounds? C- Yeah. R- Yeah, the drums are pretty loud. C- What those drums called? R- Bass drums. C- Those the angry sounding ones?

Jan. 10: R- If you got to choose what to put in a birthday party favor bag what would it be? C- Little bags of Pirate’s Booty! R- Yum! What else? C- And for the grown up favors, beer.

Jan. 9: R: What do you want to bring for snack? C: Beer! R: I think Mommy and Daddy would get arrested C: Why? R: It's illegal to give children alcohol. C: I mean to give to my teachers!

Jan 7: C- Hey, I have an idea. We should make cookies. And eat them after dinner with milk. I just remember that idea. R- You forgot and then remembered? C- No, it just come in my head! Right now! It was just flying around the air. Probably trying to get in other peoples' heads.

Jan 4: C- I have 100 excited feelings. In my head. R- About what? C- My doctor appointment.  R- What about it? C- I may make a X-ray...and I might not.

Dec 21: T- I was feeling sad thinking about how you won't always be little. C, (interrupting)- But I'll ALWAYS love you!!

Dec 15: C: Ellie, you need to get in the Christmas spirit. Giving to people, eating treats like candy canes...eating grass...eating leaves...

Dec 14: C- When Daddy go to grad school and you go to work, I finally get to be a babysitter!!! R- To who? C- Ellie. R- I think you'll be in kindergarten. C- I just take her with me on the bus! 

Dec 10: (talking about Ellie being able to reach books on the top shelf) R- Do you think she's grown since her doctor appointment on Monday? C- Yes. Let's make another appointment. R- To see how tall she is? C- Yes, and then we leave. But first we have to get stickers!

Dec 6: (C to E)- Ellie, you are my whole heart. I love you so much. 

Dec 6: C- I thought her would be able to walk now that her one. 

Nov 24: (C sees item we have purchased as a gift for someone else and really wants it.) C- Let's open it! R- It's a present, we can't open it. C- Please! I want to see! R- We can't open something that we're giving to someone else. It's not for us. C- Sorry, it's just gonna have to be mine. 

Nov 18: C (not realizing R just ate a piece of chocolate)- It smells like an M & M. In my nose. 

Nov 14: C- You can just warm up a cup of peanut butter and I can drink it through a straw?

Nov 13: C- I want to be a horsegirl. R- Not a cowgirl? C- Horsegirl. Riding cows and looking for my horses. 

Nov 10: (looking through catalog) C- Look! R- That's so you can get clothes for the doll that match the clothes you have. What do you think about that? C- I think that's fantastic! 

Nov 9: C, (upon waking and wanting to rub Ellie's head) I need to touch a fuzzy thing and Ellie the only fuzzy thing in we family!

Nov 6: C (the 10-year-old rainbow superhero, listing her superpowers)- Help the people who can't get in the ambulance in time, help the nurses and doctors. I make the world so happy helping people. 

Nov 5: C, (while on the toilet)- It looks like my butthole is going to explode! Because I still have poop in my belly! 

Nov 2: C, (playing with sleeping E's hands): I love you little hands. They like a newborn baby. They so little.

Oct. 30: C, about E, at 5 a.m. (E is awake nursing and C awoke from a scary dream): Ohhh, her touching me. Her rubbing my belly. You so warm, little hand. I love you, little hand. You rubbing me so gently.

Oct 26: C: Aaron Rodgers. He my favorite player! 'Cause he the only one I really know on the Packers. 

Oct 26: C to R: Momma, if you have more babies I'll help you fall asleep. (Obviously confused about where the sleep issues lie with babies.)

Oct 25: I was baking brownies after Caroline went to sleep. She woke up needing to poop. When she finished she looked up and started giggling and exclaimed, "My poop smells like treats!"

Oct 24: C, (to the tune of picking up pawpaws): Pickin' up boogers puttin' 'em in my pocket!

Oct 23: Listening to Tom Petty's greatest hits album and a new song starts, C- Hey! I like this song! It say 'the sun come up' and that really true!