Caroline says the cutest things 2014.10.22

David has a guest columnist this week so I’m following suit. The writer is a little young (three...“AND A HALF!”) so please forgive any grammatical errors. 


(transcribed and edited by her mother, ROSANNA BALLINGER)

Oct 20: (After a hard time in the car that included screaming "Ellie can't sit by me! Make her stop crying! Get her away!") Caroline while lying next to me as I'm nursing Ellie: Mommy, I have the nicest sister in the whole world. Her hold my hand for a little bit. 

Oct 20: (Explaining that you have to be sure you really like someone before you marry them, because you spend the rest of your life with them. Side note: Taylor is traveling for work) Rosanna: So I want to spend every day hanging out with Daddy. Caroline: But sometimes he work and that's really hard for you. It hard for me because he my daddy and I really love him.  (Pauses, thinking) I wish I could marry Daddy because I love him sooooo much. 

Oct 16: (Listening to a children's artist sing "Sweet Home Chicago" on the way to preschool) Caroline: Why she not sing, Sweet Home New Orleans? Rosanna: She's from Chicago. But we could sing that. Or, "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?" Caroline: I know what it means to miss New Orleans. Mardi Gras parades. 

Oct 15: Caroline: I'm not a swiping pirate. I'm just gonna borrow things. Just for a little bit. I just borrow things for a little bit. 

Oct 10: Caroline: I'll never forget about you, Ellie. I'll always love you. I love you so much. I'll never forget about you. 

Oct 4: Caroline to Ariel doll: Ariel, I missed you! I been at my grandma's house in Michigan and in Chicago and in California and now I'm back with you!!

Oct 4: Caroline to Rosanna when she woke up: I have so very much love! Rosanna: For me? Caroline: And for Daddy and for Ellie..and for myself! 

Oct 2: Caroline (about new sprinkler): I'm done. Too cold. Rosanna: Want me to turn it off? Caroline: But it's so beautiful! The kids on the box having so much fun!

Oct 1: Caroline about getting a gift: Look I got this because it's been a hard month! I been wanting a sprinkler! Mommy get me this just because! It a just because present—not my birthday or anything!

Various quotes from mid-September California trip: 

Caroline: Watching baby cow stand behind momma cow while nursing: All aboard the nursing train! I want to be a baby cow!

Caroline: Drinking water: It helps my veins grow even longer.

Sept 5: Caroline wakes up in the car as we're pulling in the driveway: Where is we?

Sept 5: (In the bathroom behind the concessions at a Reds game) Rosanna: Ugh, it smells like hot dogs in here. Caroline: WHAAAT?! No! It no smell like hot dogs, it smell like poop! 

Sept 4: Talking about what to pack for activities on the airplane. Caroline: How about we make curtains? Rosanna: Out of what? Caroline: Sewing kind. Rosanna: Can't bring needles on the airplane. What other things could we bring on the airplane? Caroline: How 'bout a lightbulb? Rosanna: what activity would you do with that? Caroline: Just light it up and daddy probably have to do it to put it up high and we just put it in one spot where we sitting. 

Found on notepad, probably from spring: Caroline: This is my screaming room. Rosanna: What? Caroline: My room for screaming. Nobody come in here. Rosanna: This is called the living room. Caroline: No, this is the Caroline room.  

Also, calling a football huddle "football hugs" and asking if Ellie's first food could be bacon. 

Sept 2: Talking about the kids who are shown at the end of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and how to be one of those kids, Caroline: first you pretend you're Daniel Tiger for a very long time. Then someone break through the screen and bring you there. Then people in their homes will watch you. 

Sept 1: Talking about Maddie, Rosanna: she has a washer on the farm but not a dryer. Caroline: maybe when her get married her can have a dryer. 

August 28: Caroline: Go away fly! Rosanna (singing softly): Shoo fly, don't bother me. Caroline (screaming): Don't bother anything in this house!! Get out!!

August 28: Caroline: How bout the people who make "Jingle Cats" make a "Jingle Caroline Laughing" station?

August 27: (Talking about the Sears closing) Caroline: Why it close? Rosanna: Maybe people didn't like the things that they were selling. Caroline: Maybe lots of food dye things? Rosanna: No, it was a clothing store. Caroline: Maybe they only sell white clothes. Rosanna: Yeah, maybe they were too plain. Caroline: ...maybe they get stained easily...

August 25: Taylor: Caroline! What are all these bites? Caroline: ta-tito bites. Taylor: You think so? Caroline: Them LOOOVE me. 

Aug 13: Caroline is playing preschool and I'm the teacher (but preoccupied with making dinner). She tells me about dance class...C: I'm in 4's and 5's. It's preschool dance class. R: and where do you go to school? C: You know. You work there. 

Aug 6: Caroline has been feeling sad lately about Taylor working. I asked her if she would rather me work while he stayed at home with her and Ellie. "Yeah! We eat cake all day." I said that we don't eat cake all day with Mommy, so why would Daddy let her? "We change some things. We do what I want to do."