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The forerunner to the Observer was first published in 1872 with the name the New Era. The name was later changed to the Morenci News. In 1875, the paper was known as the State Line Observer and it eventually became the Morenci Observer. The Green family became the owners in 1929. Ten years later, publisher F. Russell Green died and his widow, Minnie, took over. She served as publisher while also working as a school teacher. Her son, Robert, became publisher in 1949, and while serving in this role, he also pursued varied interests, including oil painting, cross country skiing and racing sailboats. A true Renaissance man, he also spent time as a wine maker, a cigar connoisseur, inveterate walker, horseradish maker, civil servant, stationary bicyclist, avian feeder and commercial printer. Lately, he has entered the world of Sudoku.

Upon his retirement from the paper in 1985, his son, David, took over. He made the well-accepted change to the tabloid size newspaper format and the much-reviled decision to revert to the 1875 name, the State Line Observer. That change was made to reflect greater coverage of the Fayette area as the Fayette Review closed in 2004 and sold its subscription list to the Observer. David created the paper's bold mission statement: We will kill time humanely.

The Observer is the oldest business in Morenci with more than 130 years of continuous operation. At least we think it is.

The Observer is mailed to subscribers every Wednesday.

The Website

StateLineObserver.com is not a typical newspaper website. Most newspaper sites are electronic versions of the printed paper. That's not what this is. PDF downloads are available for subscribers who want to read the print edition of the paper electronically. Some news stories are included here on the website, but not the entire contents of each weekly newsprint edition. Websites need to be fluid and provide new content much more frequently than on a weekly basis. That's why we chose a blog format for our opening page. This allows for updates to old stories and the posting of news before the paper version of the Observer is printed. It will also provide links to interesting items across the web.

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