Fancy Nancy at Fayette library 4.15.09

Oooo la la!  An exquisite soirée took place during Toddler Time and Story Time last week at Fayette’s Normal Memorial Library.

The party was planned for a celebration of Jane O’Connors’ Fancy Nancy books. Guests dressed in fancy clothes, read a Fancy Nancy book, played games and ate some elegant snacks.

Anyone with a fancy shoe sticker on the invitation was given a special prize.

Games included Pin the Jewel on the Tiara and Musical Chairs. Tuesday’s session included a relay race, boys vs. girls, to see who could dress up in fancy clothes the fastest.  The girls were the winners.

The library staff says “Merci” to the parents for providing items for the games and “fancy” snacks.

Photos from the parties are on display in the children’s library.