2008.10.22 Jennifer Compton: Gail Dotson

I attended the veterans council candidate forum Tuesday night and had the opportunity to listen to both candidates for sheriff demonstrate why they should be elected to the position.

Both candidates responded appropriately, however, Gail Dotson has once again demonstrated her ability as a leader. Her responses were educated and her experience evident.

We need a candidate that represents themselves professionally and addresses the issues honestly and openly. She is fair with those she works with and for. I have had the privilege of meeting Gail and she has demonstrated her passion for the position that she has supported for the past four years.

A vote for Dotson assures a continued tradition of superior service to the citizens of Lenawee.

Join me on Nov. 4 and cast your vote for the right candidate—Gail Dotson.

It matters!

– Jennifer Compton

Michigan Ave., Adrian, Mich.