The Weekly Newspaper serving the citizens of Morenci, Mich.,
Fayette, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

  • Rocks
    ROCKIN'—A painted rock project began during the past school year in Phil Grime’s art class at Morenci Area High School and most of these were created by students at that time. This collection also includes a few rocks painted this summer during Stair District Library’s “Libraries Rock!” Summer Reading Program. Rocks from both projects are on display at the library through August.
  • Batter.1
    SMACK!—Cevin Milhoan takes a swing at a foam ball with a foam paddle—not as easy as it might seem. Students had to hit the ball around a marker and back to the start. See page 12 for more photos.
  • Front.calley
    STAIR DISTRICT Library staff member Cally Gautz urges students to make a louder noise when Drummunity visited Morenci Elementary School last week. The visit helped get kids ready for Summer Reading Program activities with the musical theme “Libraries Rock!” See page 10 for more information about the program.
  • Front.Hotel Swinney
    THE FRAME of the first medical marijuana growing facility takes shape in Morenci’s industrial park. The building will be used by HutchSwinn Enterprises, Inc., which operates a provisioning center in the former skating rink. Along with other companies planning to build in Morenci, products will be sold through the local center and also sold to others throughout the state.
  • Front.bricks
    WINTER weather led to removal of pavement in several areas of Morenci’s North Street, uncovering the former brick surface of the street. Before the road was paved, it was the longest stretch of brick state highway in Michigan.