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Fayette, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

  • MFD.washer
    HEAVY DUTY—Morenci Fire Department member David Lonis checks on drying gear after it was cleaned with a special extractor washing machine that removes hazardous materials. Department member Gavin Vanderpool built the forced-air drying rack.
  • Front.stretchy
    AARON STRETCH adds finishing touches to his “gingerbread house” construction Saturday at Stair District Library. The children’s project was started by former library director Liz Stella and she still constructs the cardboard house forms and furnishes frosting, This year 42 children were involved in the activity. Houses are on display at the library.
  • Front.workers
    CAREFUL CUTTING—Isaiah Namyslowski takes a turn with the saw while classmates Ta’Leah Motley and Quan-Yin Graber wait their turns. Classroom aide Amanda Easler is helping in the background. The constuction project was led by science teacher Joe Walsh with Morenci developmental kindergarten students from John Craig’s class. Mr. Craig established an outdoor learning center on school property. Students constructed a feeding platform to attract a variety of animals in the outdoor center.
  • Front.exer Balls
    IT’S NO ordinary pushup that Fayette fourth grade students (from the front) Jada Adkins, Dane Andrews and Michael Becker are doing in physical education class. Fayette was chosen by the United Way of Fulton County to participate in the “Crunch Out Obesity” program that involves exercise and dietary guidelines. See page six of this week’s Observer for additional information.
  • Front.umbrellas
    NOT ONLY did Morenci lose its football playoff game Friday, but it was a miserable night to sit in the stands and watch. A light rain never let up the entire evening. Summerfield won the game 14-6 and moves on to face #2 state-ranked Whiteford.
    HOLE IN ONE?—Dylan Grieder (left) sets off the motion in his group’s project to build a device using classroom materials plus a mousetrap to launch a golf ball down a putting green and, hopefully, into the hole. Of course the machines worked perfectly in practice, then missed their mark when the teacher sat down to grade the effort. Team member Bradly Bates watches at the right while Jacoby Clark takes a close-up look at the position of the mousetrap. The project was part of a class at Morenci Middle School.
  • Front.spiders
    HARVESTMEN hang out on a leaf along the edge of Morenci’s Oak Grove Cemetery. The harvestman isn't actually a spider, but is a member of the archnid classification. Unseasonably warm weather continued into October, but there are several morning temperature predictions in the upper 30s for the next few days as things are finally cooling down.
  • Front.cheers Copy
    Kids in the Cheerleader for a Day program show off their stuff during the Morenci/Madison football game.
  • Front.web
    NICE WORK—A spider remains at the center of a web, awaiting visitors, during a moist morning last month. The was built in front of Eagle Funeral Home in Morenci.