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Virus update

This didn't make it into the July 22 issue:

COVID-19 cases continue to mount in Lenawee County with 38 added in the past week and 83 in the past two weeks.

Five patients are currently hospitalized with the virus and the death total remains at 11.

Confirmed cases in Hillsdale County increased by nine in the past week.

Michigan averaged 617 new cases every day during the past week along with an average of seven deaths—down from an average of 13 the previous week.

Cases increased in Ohio to average 1,331 per day and 17 deaths per day, a few more than the previous week’s average of 13 deaths per day. Nearly 1,000 new hospitalizations were tallied.

During the past week, Fulton County gained 23 cases and hospitalizations increased by one to 12. Williams County’s total increased by 17 and one more death was recorded. Seven people remained hospitalized with the virus on Monday.

In total cases, Ohio rose above Michigan in the past week with 76,168 to Michigan’s 73,663, according to each state’s COVID-19 fact page.

According to the World Health Organization, about one in five people who are infected develop breathing difficulties and require hospital care. 

People who 60 years and older, along with those having underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, are at greater risk.

I give up

I tried to become interested in maintaining a web page again when the pandemic hit, but I just couldn't do it. It lasted a while, but I really don't have the desire. Perhaps there are still some feature stories to add to the site, but don't expect anything new here on the front page


 COVID-19 Update

Former Observer publisher Robert Green has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and is hospitalized at Bay Park Hospital in Oregon, Ohio. Bay Park is ProMedica’s designated COVID-19 facility.

Green, 96, has been a resident of Charter Senior Living in Sylvania for nearly a year with his wife, Jackie, although they live in separate wings of the facility.

He was transported early Friday morning to Flower Hospital due to breathing problems and a CT scan showed lung characteristics frequently seen in COVID-19 patients. He was then transported to Bay Park.

“When I spoke with him over the phone Sunday morning he still sounded like his same old self,” said Bob’s son, David. “He was doing fairly well.

“I’ve heard it said that eventually everyone will be affected by the virus in some way and here’s a situation that will bring many people in the Morenci area closer to the pandemic.”

Local statistics

In the past week, the number of positive COVID-19 tests increased from 32 to 50 in Lenawee County and from 46 to 77 in Hillsdale. Seven deaths have been attributed to the virus in Hillsdale County.

Michigan’s cases increased from 17,221 to 25,635 while deaths jumped from 727 to 1,602. Four hundred and thirty-three people were reported to have recovered from the illness.

COVID-19 cases in Ohio increased from 4,450 to 6,975, with deaths moving upward from 142 to 274.

Fulton County’s count increased from five to seven in the past week with four hospitalizations. Williams County now has three cases.

theyre coming

A problem to the west

Hillsdale County went from 46 confirmed cases yesterday to 62 today, with four deaths reported. Lenawee County rose by four to 36 and Fulton County remains at five.

COVID-19 Update

Fulton County is holding steady at 5 confirmed cases. Lenawee showed no increase today and remains at 32. Hillsdale County remains at 46.

Michigan and Ohio are each continuing stay-at-home orders, with occasional updates to executive orders.

In Ohio, for example, retailers that are considered essential businesses must now determine a maximum number of customers allowed in a store to maintain proper physical distancing. The number must be displayed at business entrances.

Over the weekend, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine encouraged everyone to begin wearing a cloth mask when in public, but reminded people that a mask is not a substitute for social distancing.

“Wearing a mask should not scare people,” he said. “It is a good thing. It is a considerate thing. It is a courageous thing.”

Wearing a mask will not prevent someone from contracting COVID-19, but it can help prevent them from spreading it to others—especially if a person is infected but not yet showing symptoms.

Fines of up to $750 can be levied in Ohio and up to $1,000 in Michigan for those not obeying social distancing orders such as a group of people gathering for an activity. In Ohio, for example, no more than 10 people are allowed at a wedding reception and no organized sporting events are allowed.

Ohio’s orders are in effect through May 1 and Michigan’s are set to expire April 30. Governor Gretchen Whitmer sought a 70-day extension, but legislators approved a shorter extension.

Michigan ranks third in the nation for the number of coronavirus cases (17,221) and fatalities (727). Ohio has 4,450 confirmed cases and 142 deaths.

Lenawee updates

The county health department is now providing a display for information: Male, 12; Female, 12; Hospitalized, 6; Monitoring at home, 17; Recovered, 1.

COVID-19 Update

Ohio: Fulton County is reporting its third case – still really low – and Williams County has its first positive test. Throughout the state, positive cases increased by 355 yesterday and deaths went up by 16 to a total of 65.

Michigan:  Lenawee County increased by only two cases to 24 while Hillsdale County now has the same number after having far fewer last week. Michigan gained 1,457 cases since the previous day and deaths increased by 80 to 417.  

A Michigan Tidbit

Michigan's COVID-19 page lists the age range in fatalities from the virus. It's from 25 to 107. 107 years old?

The Viral Video

A physician from New York City has a made a video that's become very popular and very reassuring to people. Here's the shortened version. If you want to hear more, listen here.

Food give-away

Here's a story from this week's paper that readers won't see in time due to our temporary publishing date on Wednesdays:
Morenci was recently named a year-around site for food distribution through the South Michigan Food Bank.  Free food will be given away on the first Thursday of each month beginning this week. The event is coordinated through the Morenci Food Bank housed at the Church of the Nazarene at 751 N. Summit St. Distribution is scheduled from noon to 2 p.m., or a shorter time if supplies run out.
During social distancing from the COVID-19 virus, customers are asked to drive through for food delivery.
Heather Pearce, county coordinator for the South Michigan Food Bank, said the organization has obtained funding for 12 months.
“We hope that gives the community time to look at funding options beyond the first year,” she said.
The variety of food will vary each month depending on what the food bank has to offer.
“We did this in Tecumseh last Saturday,” Pearce said. “We had 124 families come through for a total of 404 family members. The food was gone within an hour.”
The organization serves eight counties ranging from Lenawee to Kalamazoo.

Late paper again this week

Our printer has moved its printing jobs to one day a week to reduce employee contact. Because of this, the Observer will continue to be delivered a day later than usual.

A little citizen science

Interested in participating in a little citizen science? A project sponsored by the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School is collecting information about how people are doing – both good and bad. The site is called COVID Near You.  Take a few seconds between episodes of "Tiger King" to let them know how you feel.

 Michigan details

This page provides a closer look at COVID-19 cases in Michigan, although it's not quite up to date as of 1:30 p.m. Saturday. It lists 8 positive cases for Lenawee County instead of 10.

 Fulton County joins in

Two residents in Fulton County have tested positive for COVID-19. Ohio has 867 confirmed cases. From the Fulton County Health Department:

If you have questions about COVID-19, you can call the Fulton County Health Department at 419-337-0915.  The Health Department has limited staff and will do our best to answer your questions.  You can also email questions to  A hotline is available at 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634) daily from 9am – 8pm or visit 

bridge Lenawee County cases
increase to 4

 The Lenawee County Health Department's update from 9 a.m. today (Thursday) shows the following:
Tested: 58
Positive: 4
Negative: 28
Pending: 26

It's certainly not time to relax social distancing measures. In many areas, the spread of the infection is just getting underway.

Update: 5 positives now. If you like to measure your misery, the link is here.

Stay at Home

Michigan's stay-at-home measures begin at midnight Monday, joining Ohio as was announced yesterday. Michigan's order lasts for at least three weeks in an effort to prevent a large increase in the number of cases.  Details are available here.


Everyone should be familiar with the number 9-1-1 to report an emergency.  This is a good time to keep 2-1-1 in mind – the human services help line. For example, if someone is unable to leave their home for groceries and other supplies, a call to 2-1-1 could lead to some assistance.