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    Mackenzie Morley (gray shirt) closes in on the soccer ball Sunday afternoon while maroon team members Maryn Shaffer and Sylus Bowman move into position.
  • Front.libbacious
    MORENCI freshman Libby Rorick concentrates on the chore ahead—climbing the hill near the end of Fayette’s cross country course. Rorick leads a pack of runners during the recent Eagles Invitational run.
  • Front.easler
    MORENCI BAND member Olivia Easler keeps her eyes on student director Kayley Craig during the half-time performance at the football game Friday. Easler plays the marimba and also handles other percussion duties. The Bulldogs are on the road this Friday, but return Oct. 5 for the homecoming game against Whitmore Lake.
  • Turbulent
    LUCKY FIND—The Turbulent Phosphila larva does quick work on the plant it loves—the prickly greenbrier vine. The caterpillar maneuvers across the briars on the stem to reach its only source of food, the leaves of greenbrier. They eat quickly and are soon on their way to pupate and turn into a moth for the next season. The large white spots are actually fake eyes on the rear of the caterpillar. David Wagner, the author of “Caterpillars of Eastern North America,” states the coloration and behavior of Phosphila turbulenta suggests they are chemically protected from predators.
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    MORENCI runner Trinity Kaufman is in the front of the pack near the start of the Eagle Invitational cross country run Saturday at Harrison Lake State Park. The freshman finished in second place with her best run of the season. Fayette’s Brett Merillat took third in the boys run.
  • Front.em Ducks
    JAMBOREE—Emilen Mossing of Morenci blows into a duck call Sunday afternoon at the annual Outdoors Jamboree at Lake Hudson State Recreation Area. Kids took turns calling ducks, releasing the bird dog and commanding the dog to drop its prize—not an actual duck—after fetching it from the lake. Visitors to Lake Hudson enjoyed a variety of activities Sunday despite the chilly weather. See the back page for additional photos.
  • Egg.3
    Hope Potts of Alvordton ended up with a scrambled egg at the Waldron festival egg toss contest.
  • Rocks
    ROCKIN'—A painted rock project began during the past school year in Phil Grime’s art class at Morenci Area High School and most of these were created by students at that time. This collection also includes a few rocks painted this summer during Stair District Library’s “Libraries Rock!” Summer Reading Program. Rocks from both projects are on display at the library through August.
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    STAIR DISTRICT Library staff member Cally Gautz urges students to make a louder noise when Drummunity visited Morenci Elementary School last week. The visit helped get kids ready for Summer Reading Program activities with the musical theme “Libraries Rock!” See page 10 for more information about the program.