Feature Stories

Title Hits
River of Grass: NRCS grass waterways 3119
Vreba-Hoff: Making compost from manure 2266
Frank Gibbs: Liquid manure is too wet 5005
US 20: Keep on trucking (#4) 1701
Carrie Joughin & Cyndee Sanders: Gastric bypass surgery 1687
Clearing the drains: Aiming to improve flow 1607
Jeannine Price: Selling Avon was a colorful career 1726
US 20: Life on a major highway (1#) 1474
US 20: Helps shape life in Fayette (#2) 1502
Joe Avis: Citizen Soldier in Iraq 1533
Knee Operation: Students take virtual field trip 1872
Josh Thonnissen: Seabee on mission in Djibouti 1575
US 20: Businesses of the past (#3) 1369
Don Glasgow: Reed organ aficionado 1995
Lanny Simpkins: Creates a model barn 2018
Old fruit: "Ghosts of Evolution" 1828
Schoonover Waterfowl Protection Area 1892
Mildren Uhler: Remembers time as correspondent 1590
Antibiotics: Study will look for traces in streams 1581
Randy Scott: Military memorabilia collector 1735
Ray Simpkins: Conservation Farmer of the Year 1432
Thom Green: In Gandhi's Footsteps 1817
Riverside Park: transition to nature area 1696
Nancy Salerno: Zucchini recipes 1831
Burl Chalmers: A portrait of the artist 1899
Down the Drain: liquefied manure and drainage tile 1416
Jesse Bach: Fuelin' on French Fries (biodiesel) 1180
Herb Calvin: Flying high with model airplanes 1079
Kelsey Frey: The Apprentice 1327
Honey: The Sweetest Season 1046
Hal Stambaugh's Model A fits him to a T 1110
Judy Kunkle: Hickory nuts 2362
Pauline Jones: A House Full of Dolls 1579
John Winzeler: Travels through China (Heifer International) 1388
Delora Ehlinger: Countdown to 100 1037
Demolition Derby: Licensed to demolish 1653
Randy and Christina Mellot's Greyhounds 1006
Fast food: Students take closer look 1245
Mike & Dawn Figgins: A pair of China dolls 1150
What's the cache? The sport of geocaching 1024
Marlin Hutchison: Learning to hear again 1194
Computer recycling 1582
Ross Stong: Working on the Railroad 1454
Fred Tredway on the Mackinaw 1276
Author Steve Amick visits library 1679
Don Miles: Surfing the Radio Waves 1123
Jackie Green: Time Capsule of retired teacher 1645
House fire 1744
Farm bill proposals 1665
Troy Shoemaker in Iraq: Two down, one to go? 1363

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