Feature Stories

Title Hits
The Face of the Mantid 1256
Merle Glaser: at 90 years, he's tackled most anything 1176
Keeping up with turtles: Morenci graduate Melissa Gallatin studies turtles for a research project 1936
Memories from the War: Del Gasche collects veterans' recollections from World War II 977
Taking a dive: Durke Ferris working as an underwater welder 1687
Library annex dedicated: Annex named in honor of Liz Stella 920
Writing 'real books' for kids: Paul Many speaks at library program 915
Author overcomes Teen Angst: Ned Vizzini connects with teen readers 1084
Drilling into History: The search for a new Fayette water well unveils the region's glacial past 895
Two dairies underway in NW Ohio 1312
Changing of the Guard: Doyle Collar announces his retirement from General Broach 1172
Loretta Gorlitz creates Christmas village 876
Lime Lake, Lime Creek water quality 1226
Big Brothers Big Sisters: e-Mail buddies meet for the first time 5.7.07 987
Fayette Christian Church celebrates 125 years of worship 1138
Remarkable Rehab: Rupp/Wilson house refurbished 1129
Fron NYC to Morenci: a phone visit with Steven Sorrentino 1554
Students empathasize with pregnant peers 2226
Researching exercise step by step 1226
Bean Creek: Grant to address run-off 1331
Vreba-Hoff discusses new lagoon 1258
Katrina: Morenci volunteers head south 1596
Jerry Miller: Leading an independent life 1217
General Broach: Business taking off through aerospace contracts 1247
Mending a broken heart 1199
Sampling simple machines 1337
Close encounters of the Celebrity kind 1414
Heading for South Africa 1139
Quigley's Log Home Bed and Breakfast 1493
Vreba-Hoff: Doubling the dairy 2737
Semi-Pro Football: they've still got what it takes 1570
Carl Kaster leads a mushroom meander 1576
Water Watchers: volunteers keep eye on health of area streams 1150
Momyers: a week made for baseball 1161
Robert Husband: taking a big look at the small world of mites 1540
The Pillows visit all 50 states 1541
Merle Glaser: a man of many talents 1348
Praying Mantis: it only looks like a monster 1360
Kansas Sampler: assessing local culture 1187
Jamie DiPietro: Neck deep in NASCAR 2539
Transitions: giving students extra attention 1288
Jay Berschback: Weather man visits Morenci 1771
Podcasts: Elementary students make book reviews 1783
Kids create a cookbook 1352
Fayette bank now 100 years old 1268
Vreba-Hoff faces order to cut herd size 1498
Michindoh Aquifer: Protecting local water sources 1861
Barbara Baker: Kaleidoscope maker 2022
World travelers: They aren't traveling for pleasure 1225
Bill Craft: I hope I missed them all 1485

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