Feature Stories

Title Hits
Waggoner describes life as a Navy SEAL 2859
Electical Outage 1703
Gem Cutters: Gem & Mineral Society show off skills at annual gathering 1394
Riverside Park: GECKOs look at park's future 1345
Bonnie bids farewell to post office 1351
Grades just don't make the grade: Educator Alfie Kohn critical of grades, rewards 1701
The Head of the Class: 2002 Top 5 Seniors 1454
Old Canandaigua store might be razed 1463
Tracking down the Underground Railroad in Lenawee County 2143
Citizens of the Year: Van Havels and Johnsons 2002 1462
Moving Cross Country: Walking evangelist spreads Christian message 1447
He's not your average Joe: Ohio resident Joe Schriner runs for President 2247
State Champ: Zac Johnson wins state title 1875
From NYC to Morenci: Author Steven Sorrentino talks with local readers 1724
Weatherman Michael Schlesinger talks at Fayette library 1781
Three alumni honored at Morenci Education Foundation dinner and auction 1991
Fayette students 'Empathize" with their Pregnant Peers 1340
Sampling simple machines 1730
Balanced Game: It's what Zack Craig plays 1339
Gorham Fayette P.E. teacher Todd Mitchell: Researching exercise step-by-step 1226
Mending a broken heart: Deb Gleckler still recovering from heart attack in 2000 1181
Carrie Moran: She had one turtle, then hundreds 1376
A weekend made for baseball 1198
Hear that buzzing sound in the trees? It must be cicada season 3733
Sam's Village: Sam Shibler creates a village within the village of Clayton 1259
The Septic Factor... 1372
It's all about the senses 1239
Treasure hunters: Removal of sidewalks yield buried coins 1238
Flossie, meet Sam: Band Director Sam Szor celebrates Flossie Keefer's 93rd 2627
The Face of the Mantid 1199
Merle Glaser: at 90 years, he's tackled most anything 1123
Keeping up with turtles: Morenci graduate Melissa Gallatin studies turtles for a research project 1877
Memories from the War: Del Gasche collects veterans' recollections from World War II 915
Taking a dive: Durke Ferris working as an underwater welder 1457
Library annex dedicated: Annex named in honor of Liz Stella 865
Writing 'real books' for kids: Paul Many speaks at library program 867
Author overcomes Teen Angst: Ned Vizzini connects with teen readers 1038
Drilling into History: The search for a new Fayette water well unveils the region's glacial past 851
Two dairies underway in NW Ohio 1233
Changing of the Guard: Doyle Collar announces his retirement from General Broach 1096
Loretta Gorlitz creates Christmas village 820
Lime Lake, Lime Creek water quality 1111
Big Brothers Big Sisters: e-Mail buddies meet for the first time 5.7.07 932
Fayette Christian Church celebrates 125 years of worship 1067
Remarkable Rehab: Rupp/Wilson house refurbished 1043
Fron NYC to Morenci: a phone visit with Steven Sorrentino 1502
Students empathasize with pregnant peers 2173
Researching exercise step by step 1180
Bean Creek: Grant to address run-off 1276
Vreba-Hoff discusses new lagoon 1204

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