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2012.06.13 Those folks at Google give me a reality check 317
2012.05.30 Cat doodles for cash? At least he has a job 355
2012.05.16 Indy 500 time recalls unusual old stories 456
2012.05.02 Leftover news escapes from column pergutory 302
2012.04.18 Doubt her perfection? Just read her obituary 307
2012.04.04 Furry Tennessee "son" joins my bear family 338
2012.03.21 300 columns down, more spleen venting to come 353
2012.03.07 Good-bye, loyal Buick; Hello, car of the future 370
2012.02.22 What do I need to get Jay Leno’s attention? 443
2012.02.01 Bob Dylan? Ally Sheedy? Bob Dylan? More Sleepyland tales 398
2012.01.25 “Free” bulbs start of fun with electricity 418
2012.01.11 Notable year for dogs, crocs, birds and more 389
2011.12.28 Winning $4 “lottery” again getting tedious 423
2011.12.14 Hey, Santa! How about more weird news in 2012? 378
2011.11.30 If it feels too cold, then blame Paul Siple 431
2011.11.16 Some burgers better without local flavor 398
2011.11.02 Will Gallup let me vote if I eat my vegetables? 346
2011.10.19 Have you had your daily ration of new factoids? 416
2011.10.05 Some dime store turtles survived the dime store 779
2011.09.21 Used cars out there, odd résumés and all 455
2011.09.08 Never too early to buy a unique Christmas gift 430
2011.08.24 Anyone have any answers? I have all the questions 475
2011.08.10 Hot enough for a tonic, maybe even for a dope 375
2011.07.27 Hopefully, sacred turtle avoids fate of Punchy II 389
2011.07.13 Gators, penguin, talking Nazi dogs liven up news 406
2011.06.29 Exotic, dazzling, fantastic dreams just a nap away 325
2011.06.15 Too many factoids for just one measly column 330
2011.06.02 Great eBayer or “moran?” Opinions seem to differ 374
2011.05.18 Mel Torme jinxes driver and other Indy 500 lore 377
2011.05.04 ID theft comes visiting, in more ways than one 310
2011.04.20 Maybe it’s time I start ignoring product labels 353
2011.04.06 Animals rule the news, with a dumb human or two 415
2011.03.23 Toledo publishers find unique way of making crime pay 1032
2011.03.09 Ice storm ends one streak and starts a new one 386
2011.02.23 There’s something really smelly about these tires 410
2011.02.09 Grab your checkbook, and let’s go car shopping 342
2011.01.26 Real winter just a check and plane flight away 312
2011.01.12 Taking and giving a lesson in Ohio history 274
2010.12.29 Another year of fun and such bites the dust 303
2010.12.15 It’s not Christmas without a stupid gift or two 288
2010.12.01 Hamburger pilgrimage seems like a tasty, well-done idea 313
2010.11.17 New Red Menace coming to produce section near you 322
2010.11.03 Alas, poor Pontiac has joined the automobile graveyard 327
2010.10.20 If your car overheats, don’t call an ad agency 438
2010.10.06 Scared of the dark? Buying a lamp might be scarier 315
2010.09.22 "Summer of Bedbugs" is a good time to stay home 360
2010.09.09 “L.A. Woman” CD: Should Mr. Mojo stay or should he go? 357
2010.08.25 More fun and foolishness, straight from The Factoid File 330
2010.08.11 Annoyed by noise? Would a big check make you feel better? 344
2010.07.28 Maybe he should have just stayed with a 4x4 403

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