Nowhere Road

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2007.06.20 Don't like gas costs? Don't price anything else 659
2007.06.06 Just a snooty watch away from the good life 626
2003.12.03 Looking for the other end of the highway 697
2003.12.17 Christmas shop now or face the consequences 710
2003.12.31 All the news that fits, we'll print 736
2002.06.05 Forget death by asteroid; watch out for falling shoes 741
2002.06.26 Playing the fame game 829
2002.07.17 Remembering the unfrozen Ted Williams 741
2007.04.25 Snuggle Bear: He talks, he launders, and now, he emails 1004
2007.04.11 Wait a minute, here's some more stuff 570
2007.03.28 George Harrison's shadow lives after all these years 592
2007.03.14 Scared of black cats? Give me a reason...or six 677
2007.02.28 Anybody want to buy a Chrysler? How about all of Chrysler? 564
2007.02.14 Valentine's Day just isn't as romantic as it once was 559
2002.08.07 Golf may not be as boring as it seems (but I doubt it) 711
2002.08.21 It's time to get Kinky 712
2002.09.04 Forget a Corvette, I'm buying the Batmobile 740
2002.09.18 Look out, Hollywood (or downtown Morenci) 947
2002.10.02 Cat bored? Have money to waste? Buy it a video 697
2002.10.16 The more I watch television, the more I wish I didn't 666
2002.10.30 Halloween warning: Look out for little Saddams 671
2002.11.13 Dan Sickles has a leg up on crooked politicians 746
2002.11.27 Have a berry, berry, Happy Thanksgiving 682
2002.12.11 All I want for Christmas is none of this stuff 686
2002.12.24 Yugos and other beasts end year of strange news 771
2007.05.23 If the potato salad is moving, shoot it 539
2007.05.09 It may soon be time to call the Dream Police 563
2007.01.31 The future may not be as friendly as you think 572
2007.01 17 How about a tasty e-meal? 550
2007.01.04 The ten celebrities you'll meet in Hell 739
2006.12.20 Merry Christmas from the land of exploding soap 546
2006.12.06 Hate what's on the radio? 651
2006.11.22 Cake, file and stamps handy with opening mail 536
2006.11.08 Trying to bear with a somber November 548
2006.10.25 Superstitions and dealing with my faith impairment 629
2006.10.11 Useless Knowledge from The Factoid File 605
2006.09.27 World’s biggest Meat Loaf fan? It’s not me... 672
2006.09.13 Emptying the Buick’s trunk easier said than done 578
2006.08.30 Sleeping at Marilyn Manson's 616
2005.11.16 A used car fit for a Pope 725
2005.11.30 How does Chuck Berry manage to keep avoiding me? 725
2006.08.16 Destruction of Elvis’s bear sparks bad childhood memories 624
2006.08.02 No time like the present for a vehicle with a past 587
2005.12.14 Dumb Christmas ideas for the shopping impaired 746
2005.12.27 Coffin racing and radio for pets 727
2006.07.19 Drink up...L.A. is just 151 Cokes a day away 718
2006.07.06 Can Big Brother tell when thighs are done? 596
2006.06.21 Unfinished business east and west of the Mississippi 628
2006.01.11 Cell phone: thoughtful gift or present from hell? 962
2006.01.25 Time to plan a wacky Ohio vacation 960

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